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... optimised, functional and ideal for transport.

Secure storage and protection from external factors is the top priority. All our products offer excellent protection from dirt and damage irrespective of container size and application. The secure transport of components is particularly important in industrial production, where thermoformed transport containers and trays from BAUER THERMOFORMING guarantee safe transport and undamaged goods.Perfect transport logistics are guaranteed where containers are stacked or combined in loading units. Special trays ensure fragile components are absolutely secure and perfectly packed for mobile production logistics. Each product is designed to meet the client‘s requirements and produced in line with the intended purpose. We can also provide support for manual and automatic tray handling as required. The twin-sheet process in use at our company for years allows us to process mould areas of up to four square metres, enabling innovative and more diverse designs. Twin-sheeting also offers economic benefits thanks to shorter development times and lower tool costs.

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  • Automotive

  • Warehousing

  • Logistics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Electrical industry

  • Wholesale and retail

  • Automation technology

  • Food sector